This true analog 600ms delay pedal comes with an embedded chorus (“modulation”) which can be turned on along with the main effect. The way to turn chorus on and off is the most interesting and unique feature, since it can be done on the fly (no need to get down to press switches).

DELAY: Period between repetitions, between  50 e 600 ms.
FEEDBACK: Increase feedback to hear more repetitions.
MIX: Mixes clean sound and effect, so you can make it more or less present.
TAP: Hold the main on/off button to activate embedded chorus.

Global Specs
Power: Standard 9V Battery or Regulated 9 volt DC, center negative power supply. (Note: This product uses up to 30mA, but GNI recommends 300mA supplies due to typically increased robustness/reliability).
Bypass mode: Through carefully designed circuitry in order to cause no losses
Input Impedance: 500 kΩ
Output impedance: 1 kΩ
Size: 60x105x74 (mm) 2.36x4.13x2.91 (in)
Weight: 435g (0.960 lbs)






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